Remove the old finish


When refinishing a hardwood floor, the first goal of Green Bay Floor Restore is to remove the floor’s old finish. We use an intermediate sander to remove the top layers and flatten the floor to a tabletop finish. While sanding, we incorporate a dust-containment system to collect the dust without creating dish-out of the grain. When dish-out occurs, bare spots or flat spots appear on the floor instead of the wood grain. We use a 220-volt tool which is more powerful than the 110-volt machine typically available through rent from the hardware store. The higher voltage tool takes off the old finish better.


Hand sand edges, corners

Corners, edges, door jambs, and other areas where large sanding equipment can’t reach are all hand sanded to a smooth finish. We’ll even use an LED light when sanding the edges so we can readily see and remove scratch marks or ridges that sanding leaves behind. The floor is thoroughly vacuumed between every sandpaper grit sequence to keep debris from scratching unprotected wood and to prevent debris from being sealed into a finished floor.


Water pop to open the grain

Floors benefit from water popping which opens up the grain and allows deeper penetration of the stain into the floor. This gives a hardwood floor an even and consistent appearance and hides imperfections sanding sometimes does not remove.


Apply 4 coats of finish

We use an environmentally friendly, low odor, durable, water-based finish on our hardwood floor. For a majority of floors, we use a four-coat system, compared to a less-effective two-coat system used by competitors. The first two coats of sealer are designed to penetrate and seal the bare wood. The next two coats are a ceramic-fortified polyurethane finish which is more durable than the aluminum oxide mineral commonly found in wood floor finishes.


Allow to dry

Using these industry-proven and compatible hardwood floor sealers and finishes gives the hardwood floor its longevity and durability. After the final coat of finish is applied, the floor will be ready for light traffic after 4-6 hours and furniture after 24 hours.


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